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    Wednesday, December 29, 2010

    On A Daily Basis Snippet - Snype & Young Vicious ft NESRA

    Here goes a quick snippet of the track titled On A Daily Basis I am featured on which is going to be featured on Snype & Young Vicious newest release titled No Sacrafice, No Victory. For more information please visit

    Tuesday, December 28, 2010

    Over Remix by Drake & Nesra Produced by The Presidentz

    Now here are 2 versions of this remix produced by The Presidentz. The difference between both is who and how they where mixed.
    Over Remix by Drake & Nesra
    Mixed by @SNYPE510

    Over Remix by Drake & Nesra
    Mixed by Davey (DCOHN) D

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Goin In by NESRA & Shiesty

    Recently networked with DonM from Singapore who is part of The Foundation. Don produced this clean track for Shiesty & I and we did what we do best! I have added a quick sample of the track below, please listen and comment below!

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Review: Tired Of The Extras by DJ Luicidal

    1. Hard Act To Follow
    The sample on this one is really dope, comes in hard yet creates an errie feel to it as well. I think this track is a hard ass track, you are rapping hella aggressive sounds really good that way. I could hear this on the radio or just a straight up album cut. This track is legit front to back. I'd be down to spin it.

    2. This Time
    Right away we notice the Scarface sample. This was also used by Nas and Mobb Deep for "It's Mine" and also by Louie Loco and Yukmouth for their version of "It's Mine". Therefore the beat is a little tired. Your vocals fit nicely over the beat tho. I would have liked it if you flipped the beat a little different, then spit the same verses over it. This track would be good for a mixtape. The chorus is my favorite part, really catchy.

    3. Fast Forward
    I think you sent me this track before. Either that or the sound is very welcoming. I immediately start grooving to it. Hella smooth but still on that gangsta tip. If I were to choose a single this would be the one. But like I said before Jacka and Berner used the sample on Cold Blood. But in this situation I think it's okay cuz your shit sounds different from it.

    4. My Everything
    I would pick this song as the follow up single. This would be the one to get the girls. The beginning is hella dope with the sample droppin, i was caught a little off guard with the fast drums clickin at first, but after a while my ear got used to it. Kinda reminds me of some old school shit, but it also fits in with the elctro type sound thats popular right now. Plus the chorus is reminiscent of that Kelly Rowland and Nelly joint, the bitches LOVE that song. lol

    5. Behind The Wheel
    This track i totally remember from when you sent it to me back in the day. Like I said, overall it is a hella deep track. Very well put together and complete creatively as well as lyrically. It is way too deep for the radio but this joint should make your official album.

    6. Be Different
    This beat is very different. I was waiting for it to drop, I wasn't sure if it was a dance track or head knocker. I think your flow is hella on point on this and fast. The scratches are dope. The beat sounds uncomplete to me and kind of anti-climantic. So I wasn't feeling it that much.

    7. Problems
    This beat was hella cool, very different from the rest, I'm diggin the sample. Sounds almost arabic. I'm diggin what you sayin in it, easy to relate to. But what got me the most was the beat. Shits bangs, plus a nice chorus. I wouldn't say this would be a single, but definietely a track that will catch and keep the listeners attention on the album.

    Overall I think its a good EP man, if this is a preview of whats to come from your full length LP, then you on the right path. As for radio play, I would pick Fast Forward or My Everything.

    Listen & Purchase Tired Of The Extras please click on the logos of your preference
    Tired Of The Extras on iTunes
    Tired Of The Extras on Amazon

    Holding It Down For The 10x65

    Its been a minute since ive posted but believe its been busy not only with the promo for Tired of The Extras but also networking with others. i will be posting some reviews of Tired Of The Extras (TOTE) as well as providing some sneak previews of new material ive been working on featuring The Jacka, Luni Coleone, Shiesty and others!

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Thursday, August 26, 2010

    Tired Of The Extras? Well Here You Go

    Tired Of The Extras on iTunes

    Tired Of the Extras is now available all over the world! All you have to do is ask GOOGLE, search for either NESRA or servnu151 and it will lead you to the right location.

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    KeepNit100TV Features Behind The Wheel

    Behind The Wheel feat. Barnone is a story line song about a vehicle accident gone bad, as well as the rescue attempt! currently has this song featured on the site for stream & download. This track is from NESRA new EP titled "Tired Of The Extras" available 08/01/2010 at all Online Retailers.

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    <<<<<<<< Listen To "Tired Of The Extras" Now

    That is correct, if you look to the right of this post you will see the Music Player where you can listen to NESRA "Tired Of The Extras" Enjoy

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    Official Artwork & Track Listing for Tired Of The Extras

    1. Hard Act To Follow
    Produced by DAXAMION

    2. This Time
    Produced by Big D (SSF)

    3. Fast Forward
    Produced by AntraxBeats

    4. My Everything
    Produced by Majestic Drama Nano Beats

    5. Behind The Wheel feat. Barnone
    Produced by Remy Remaq

    6. Be Different feat. Sexi Nina Rossi
    Produced by Davey (DCOHN) D

    7. Problems
    Produced by Davey (DCOHN) D

    This release is a joint venture with and will only be released digitally at all respectable on line retailers. Promo material coming soon!

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Official Tracklisting "Tired Of The Extras"

    Here is the Official track listing for NESRA "Tired Of The Extras" EP along with production credits and features;

    1. Hard Act To Follow
    Produced by DAXAMION

    2. This Time
    Produced by Big D (SSF)

    3. Fast Forward
    Produced by AntraxBeats

    4. My Everything
    Produced by Majestic Drama Nano Beats

    5. Behind The Wheel feat. Barnone
    Produced by Remy Remaq

    6. Be Different feat. Sexi Nina Rossi
    Produced by Davey (DCOHN) D

    7. Problems
    Produced by Davey (DCOHN) D

    This EP will be released digitally and will be found at all respectable ON LINE Retailers. Artwork to be announced shortly.

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010


    <a href="">Intro by Servnu151 Music/Alliance Music</a>

    Available Now

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Dj Mark 7 presents Moeses Soulright The 2nd "The Delicatessen" AVAILABLE NOW

    For the past twelve years, some of the most respected artists in the underground hip-hop world have been silently grooming a musical powerhouse from San Francisco by the name of Moeses Soulright The 2nd. Though he might sound new to you, Moeses, armed with one of rap music’s most distinctive voices has long been earning the respect of his predecessors and peers alike, A rich soulful delivery drives home poignant lyrics creating tracks that at once reach the streets as well as the ever-hard-to-please “backpack” scene., while never compromising even the slightest bit of integrity. With the long awaited release of “The Delicatessen”, his collaboration project with legendary dj ‘Mark 7’, 2010 promises to bring us a talent that is as a big as his story is. So prepare to catch up and watch, as we once again become fans of hip-hop.
    1. I Know 2:06
    2. The Gang (feat. Kotton & Skee) 2:27
    3. Rock Any Hometown 1:16
    4. Hood Shit 1:50
    5. Gone Wit the Wind 1:53
    6. Hoe Season 3:13
    7. All We Do (feat. Skee) 2:29
    8. Roots Raggae 2:07
    9. Orphans 1:56
    10. Frequencies 1:23
    11. Finger Paint 1:05
    12. All You Can (feat. Sik & K'Leone) 3:26
    13. 40oz of Ocean 2:14
    14. The Sco (feat. Family Tyz) 3:51
    15. Cupcakin (feat. Young Rebz) 2:26
    16. Cold Pimpin 3:31
    17. The Story 2:06
    18. One in the Loneliest 2:58
    19. Get Cha 2:19
    20. In My Wallet 2:09
    21. Fillmore Nights 2:21
    22. Gone 4:23
    23. Pea Coats (feat. Skee & Des Real) 3:40
    24. Mom's Song 3:50
    25. Fuck Dem 1:36
    26. Rest In Peace Rap 2:11
    Listen to snippets or purchase a copy now please Click Here or purchase on iTunes Here

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Dis Record - Sibley

    New Music Video by Sibley! Again those who are new to Sibley please read more below;

    Born and raised in Northern California, Sibley found music and
    entertainment early on and made sure she had a plan to take her
    passion to a whole new level. Sibleyʼs quest to be an artist took her
    to L.A., where she became a sought after girl in town, doing acting
    and modeling jobs in order to pay for her studio time and develop her
    skills as an artist.

    She made cameo appearances in videos for artist like Usher, and heated
    up the screen in David Bannerʼs popular Play video. The attention
    was great, but it only fueled Sibleyʼs fire. At the end of 2005,
    Sibley recorded a female answer back version of Kanye Westʼs Gold
    Digger, which made a big impact when it hit radio, and quickly became
    a mix show & request line favorite. On the back of that momentum,
    Sibley was recruited as the rapper on NeYoʼs hotly tipped R&B girl
    group , LʼCreme. She recorded hot demos, learned even more about the
    music industry but soon realized being in a girl group wasnʼt for her,
    and that it was time to focus all of her energies on being the artist
    she truly wanted to be and her solo career.

    Soon Sibley began meeting and working with top producers and writers
    to create a sound and style all her own. The infectious I Eat
    Donuts got her off to a good start, when West Coast radio took
    notice, landing her a prime time interview spot and a need for more
    request lines. In addition to demos, Sibley wanted to create videos to
    visually represent her sound, and when she met and collaborated with
    Los Angeles based director, Ryan Goble, she had a chance to do just
    that. The beautifully shot sharp and edgy videos and Sibleys strong
    performances led to multiple Youtube and Myspace hits and soon caught
    the eye of the music industry.

    Sibley started working with producers Marc Kinchen (Ne-Yo, Pitbull),
    Mars (TI) , Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown), Kadis & Sean (50
    Cent, Pussycat Dolls).

    A trip to London the summer of 2009 introduced her to outdoor music
    festivals, new sounds and new styles and she was soon recording with
    Ant Whiting (MIA), GreenMoney (Kid Sister) and up and coming new UK
    producers Labyrinth & Inflo . Tie Me Down her collaboration with
    Andre Merritt (writer of Fight For This Love & Disturbia) got a
    GreenMoney remix, and was soon getting spot plays on BBC Radio 1 and
    Galaxy and her creativity hit an all time high.

    Sibleys music was also introduced to Stella McCartney who used I Eat
    Donuts as part of the soundtrack on her Spring Summer 2010 Paris
    Catwalk show. On the back of this, she received mention in New York
    Times and The Wall Street Journal.

    By Fall 2009 Sibley had recorded several solid hits and successfully
    created a style, sound and music genre all her own. She is now
    internationally recognized as a one to watch female artist poised
    for very big things in 2010.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Core DJ, DJ EMILIOT Leaked I Need A Drank

    DJ Emiliot (Core Dj's) has leaked I Need A Drank on his website/blog and is assisting with pushing this new single to the masses. DJ Emiliot is currently based in Belgium but still pushing World Wide from his radio show called LocoShowRadio

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    KEEPNIT100 TV was thirsty so they poured a little of this........

    On the real though, KEEPNIT100TV is a great site and we appreciate the support from a Bay Area heavy hitter in the street supporting this single. They have posted I Need A Drank in their Leak Music Section which is helping the single with major promo!

    NESRA Update on

    Servnu151 Music (S151M)/ about to connect real soon to provide the world with unlimited music! Stay tuned

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Sibley ***NEW MUSIC***

    Along with the single just released yesterday titled "I NEED A DRANK" Sibley stays hard at work releasing another new single titled "BONE". The additional video is titled Bonnie & Clyde Theme and the track consists of Duce & Sibley going back & forth on that Bonnie & Clyde hype hence the title of the track.Those who are not familiar with Sibley, here goes some background:
    Sibley is a Bay Area native from Fremont, CA who has recently moved to London and was picked up by a management group who are currently pushing her to the limit. She has also spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, CA where she made massive connections and where the hot single "Donuts" was released. Enjoy

    Monday, May 24, 2010


    Produced by Marc Kinchen and features Freeman Claridge, Sibley, KAP10 and NESRA bring you "I Need A Drank" EXCLUSIVE NEW CLUB BANGER. This new song is being featured here for FREE DOWNLOAD. Please spread the word to all & any DJ's available to spin this track. Enjoy


    Monday, May 10, 2010


    Production was handled by Adon & Rozilla of Servnu151 Music/Hog Mentality Ent., G.Deville of Servnu151 Music/Turfd Out Ent. Fred Rock of Servnu151 Music, J-Moe of Project Room Ent., Mastermind of 59's Finest, Infinity Slump, and Young PMC of UGMX/Money Tree. All artists wrote their own shit! Arranged by KAP10 & ARSEN

    1. Intro 01:49
    2. Never Stay Away 04:02
    3. Eyes Closed 03:16
    4. Just Another Day feat. G. Deville, Zilla 03:36
    5. Mi Barrio 03:35
    6. Thoughts 03:36
    7. Stressin Feat. G. Deville 04:11
    8. We Thizz, Smoke, Pop Bottles feat. G. Deville 03:50
    9. Doin' It feat. Skuba 03:18
    10. Check Yo Bitch 03:51
    11. Mamacita feat. K Dinero, Fred Rock 03:50
    12. I Got It feat. Fred Rock 04:11
    13. Show Me Something 04:17
    14. Stranger feat. Miss Molly, Fred Rock 03:23
    15. Just You (BONUS) 01:48

    Click Here & Use One Of The Codes Below For Your Free Download

    Hard copies are also available or if you are living in this digital age this album can be found on all digital retailers!

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    NESRA - Got That Feeling *EP* 100 FREE DOWNLOADS

    1. Say No More 01:46
    2. Quick 2 Assume 03:12
    3. F.Y.P.M featuring KAP10, KRYPTO, MDASH 03:56
    4. Old School 02:51
    5. No More Tears 04:16
    6. The Team featuring Mista Cane, YB 03:53
    7. West Coast Unified featuring Sean T, Mista Cane 03:22
    8. Get Carried Away featuring The Jacka, Jonny T, Mista Cane 04:24
    9. I Ain’t Even Tryin (BONUS) 01:22
    [SIZE="1"]Production handled by J-Moe of Project Room Ent. Remy of Remaq Productionz, eNocz, King Rich of Dice Game, Taz Twisted, Demon, Davey D (DCOHN) of Pervelous P Ent, T1 of G.I. Productz. EP Mixed by KAP10 of S151M/Alliance Music. EP Mastered by Bryce Graven of Mastering Solutions [/SIZE]

    Click Here & Use 1 Code Below To Receive Free Download


    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    STEREOLIZED Reviewed by

    English & Polish review ready to be viewed at

    Hard copies still available or you can always resort to digital at any retailer you can imagine!

    New Video: Smokin & Laughin by Zilla featuring Fred Rock

    New track along with video by Zilla featuring Fred Rock titled Smokin & Laughin.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Official Street Remixes (BAY AREA EDITION) added to

    Just added in their FREE DOWNLOAD section "Official Street Remixes (BAY AREA EDITION)" contains a lot of material and its a pleasure to have our material add as Bay Area Representers.

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Bandcamp Ready

    Yes, you read right, currently everything we ever released is being add to and our official web address to our complete discography is:

    Servnu151 Music (S151M)/Alliance Music Official Bandcamp Site

    There you will find Free Mixtapes along with complete albums you may purchase!

    Thursday, March 25, 2010 features Official Street Remixes

    You already know how we work......NETWORK is key and has posted our newest mixtape "Official Street Remixes (Bay Area Edition)" on their blog for free download!

    View Post Here

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    REVIEW: Official Street Remixes

    Big up to Big Koz for reviewing our mixtape and it will be posted here soon:

    I havnt heard much from DJ JG or DJ Blaze but they do a good job here on this mixtape, same goes for the rapping aswell. Errelevent and Trey C I have enjoyed in the past and they rep on here, as do the other rappers.

    The first song is On The Grind and is cool but not the best way to start the mixtape off. The rappers rock the beat well enough as far as lyrics go, but the flow could be a little better.

    Rockin That Thang is a dope track that women can bump aswell as the playas. Im not a huge fan of these types of songs usually, but this is done well and enjoyable.

    Best I Ever Had is another good track as Errelent and Nesra do a great job over another club/radio type of track. Once again its another song that both a dude or a beezy can listen to. I usually dont like the whole Auto-tune but the rappers on here do a great job and its great to hear Errelevent
    showing his versatility doing a club track.

    Throw It In The Bag has Nesra and MDash doing they thang over another club radio friendly beat.

    Magnificent is one of the better tracks on the album as Errelevent and Nesra once again do a good job and show that they have some great charizma together. It would be nice to hear an album or mixtape maybe with just these two dudes. Both rappers do the damn thang with lyrics and they flow, dope track!

    She Is Back is not as dope as the last few tracks, as the track sounds a little forced and not as natural as some of the other tracks.

    Right Like That is another track for the ladies but is more fast paced and it works very well. Like I said before im more of person who loves Mob music, jazz, reggae and blues music, but I can appreciate other stuff aswell. Probably the 2nd best track on the album right here as KDinero and Nesra do a nice job on the mic.

    Halo goes hard and is solid the whole way thru and Mista Cane, Kap10 and Nesra sound comfortable together and over the beat.

    Knock Me Down finishes the mixtape off and isnt bad, but doenst make me want to put it on repeat again either.

    Overall this is a very solid mixtape that is more geared towards the ladies and the clubs, but I cant hate at all, these dudes went out and did the damn thang as far as club songs and songs for the women out there go. As 2pac said, you gotta have some stuff for the ladies out there aswell as the gangster shit and this mixtape shows these dudes can rock more then just complex lyrics or hood shit. Also one more thing, the recording quality and mixing is very well done for a mixtape, good shit.

    If you get a chance check this mixtape out! Especially if you are looking for a cd to play while at a party or some ladies are over!

    SCORE = 7/10

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    New Mix from DzNutts Radio by DJ JG MIX #3


    Mix Tracklist
    1. Dr. Dre ft Kurupt, Nate Dogg - Xxplosive
    2. DJ Quik ft AMG - Can U Work Wit That
    3. Rymo ft KoolGuy & Emassin - American Woman
    4. Dr. Dre - Not My Job
    5. Berner - Another Day
    6. Messy Marv & Guce - Orange Juice & A Blunt
    7. Clyde Carson - Hood Stomped Out
    8. Hustle Boys - Hustle Boys
    9. Stevie Joe - No Mo
    10. Messy Marv - Sei Luv
    11. The Jacka ft Ampichino - Dream
    12. 2Pac - How Do U Want It
    13. Laroo & Jacka - 20 Bricks
    14. The Jacka ft Husalah - Hey Girl (Rmx)
    15. J-Stalin - I'm Back (Feelin' Like Mac Dre)
    16. Dubee - It's The Crest
    17. Young Dru ft Keak Da Sneak - Yadida Whaa Whaa
    18. Mistah FAB - Crush On You
    19. Kap10 & Arsen ft Miss Molly, Fred Rock - Stranger
    20. Jacka ft Andre Nickatina - Glamorous Lifestyle
    21. Hustle Boys - Welcome to Frisco
    22. Mac Dre - Feelin' Myself
    23. Moe Green - Iced Out Lifestyle
    24. Messy Marv ft Andre Nickatina - Yeah
    25. Laroo ft Matt Blaque - Put Me On
    26. Zion I ft Mac Dre - Roll On Out
    27. D.Willz - Vegas
    28. DJ Quik - Pitch It On A Party
    29. Big Rich, Boo Banga, San Quinn - San Francisco Anthem
    30. Zilla, Kap10, Arsen - Life's Cold

    This mix here is special given that we are featured twice on it. DJ JG did his damn thing! Stay with us! More FREE music to come.

    Saturday, February 6, 2010


    What if a rapper can remix hiphop/pop/r&b songs like Best I Ever Had, Halo, Magnificent, If U Seek Amy, Louboutins and still maintain street cred and produce hot original tracks NESRA has found a way to do so.

    NESRA has been making music since the early 2000's and has created a name for himself, always humble, always creative and still have time to maintain a family and make a profitable career in music.

    Take a minute and get to know NESRA.

    To read more just simply click on any NESRA on this post and it will direct you to exclusive interview.

    NESRA & DJ JG recently remixed J-LO's Louboutins track exclusively for take a moment to listen to the track or simply download it.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    [NEW] Fast Foward by NESRA Produced by ANTRAXBEATS

    The music keeps coming! New sample from NESRA's new EP titled Tired of the Extras. Produced by ANTRAXBEATS (Daly City, CA.) This track has alot of meaning to it, ENJOY


    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    [NEW] Hard Act 2 Follow by NESRA Produced by DAXAMION [FREEDOWN LOAD]


    This Is My Dream Mixtape by DiIoia Beats & Young Goonz

    New mixtape released by Diloia Beats & Young Goonz featuring NESRA, B2DaDot, Young Goonz, and others with some exclusive production by DiIoia Beats & Xavier Sharp.

    01 This is My Dream INTRO (produced by DiIoia Beats)
    02 Lookin Right
    03 VOL.3
    04 Trap House
    05 Do It Like This Remix (produced by DiIoia Beats)
    06 Wavin
    07 I Know
    08 Its A Rap
    09 I'm a Ride
    10 Real Life Us
    11 Streets To The Cell
    12 Against The Wall (produced by Speech)
    13 Lake Of Mind (produced by Xavier Sharp)
    14 Think About It (Oasis)
    15 West Coast Unified (produced by Davey D)
    16 Fresh & Exciting
    17 Down (produced by DiIoia Beats)
    18 Get Lost Hater (produced by B2DaDot)
    19 Hustla Muzik
    20 Gotta Stay Strapped (produced by DiIoia Beats)


    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Behind The Wheel by NESRA feat. BARNONE

    As I promised, while the artwork is being created i will continue to leak samples from NESRA's new EP titled "Tired of the Extras" Today is the 1st leak of Behind The Wheel feat. Barnone produced by RemyMaq of Remaq Productions. This song was mixed by DJ JG.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    DJ JG Presents Best of the Bay 2009 Pt.1

    Thats right ya'll, DJJG presents Best of the Bay 2009 Pt.1 which was first featured on DzNuttz Radio. Mostly club/mainstream songs, next one will have more underground/street songs

    1. D.Willz - Cashed My Check
    2. Clyde Carson - Bo
    3. J Dandridge ft Matt Blaque, Kafani - Ask Yo Baby Mama
    4. Clyde Carson - I'm On
    5. Balance - Swagga Jackin'
    6. Furious - I'm On Fire
    7. Big Rich - Ballin'
    8. Evenodds - Sip Champagne
    9. Balance ft Freeway & Jay Rock - We All In
    10. D-Lo ft Rico Tha Kidd - You Played Me
    11. Legends Live Forever - Lean
    12. J Peezy ft Matt Blaque & Andre Nickatina - VIP (Remix)
    13. Nump ft M.I.A. - Legalize My Medicine
    14. The Jacka ft Andre Nickatina - Glamorous Lifestyle
    15. D-Lo ft E-40, Jacka, Beeda Weeda - No Hoe (Remix)
    16. Locksmith of Frontline - Toss Up
    17. Haji Springer ft Jacka & Stressomatic - Let Me See You Move
    18. E-40 - On Oil
    19. The Cataracs ft E-40 - Club Love (Remix)
    20. Mike Marshall ft E-40 & Mistah FAB - Drinks R On Me
    21. Icon ft Balance - Sexy & Hood
    22. Big Rich - Something Special
    23. Krypto ft Deltrice - Trust Me
    24. Erk Tha Jerk - Right Here
    25. Jimmy Roses ft Baby Boss & Goldtoes - If I Can Be With You Tonight
    26. Goapele - Milk & Honey
    27. Laroo & Jacka ft Matt Blaque & Keira'D - Dip
    28. BackPack ft Dice & Ceddy P - Golden State of Mind
    29. Mistah FAB - Hit Me On Twitter
    30. Kafani ft Bobby Valentino - Need Ya Body
    31. Balance & Big Rich ft Jacka & Jimmie Reign - Can't Go

    Click here to listen/download

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Happy New Year - GYEAH 650 STAND UP

    Hope everyone had good times during the Holidays and enjoyed their New Year shabang! Good news that the new NESRA EP titled "Tired of the Extras" has been mixed down and we are waiting on the artwork now. New Leaks will be added here shortly! Production has been handled by Remy Remaq, Majestic Drama, Daxamion, ANTRAXBEATS, Davey D (DCOHN). STAY TUNED

    New Tracks Added to

    More from Servnu151 Music/Alliance Music at Myxer

    More from Servnu151 Music/Alliance Music at Myxer

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