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    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Mix Bullies brings us #VALLEJOMEANSVALLEJO by M-Dash which is a new mixtape that has some recycled tracks along with new tracks mixed together. M-Dash never disappoints

    1. The Concept (a RedRocks Intro)
    2. In My Zone (feat. Young Gentleman)
    3. What We About (feat. Tilt & Mista Cane)
    4. Live It (Don’t Halfstep) (feat. Tilt, Krypto, Roddy Bo) prod. by Remy Remaq
    5. Cali To Texas (feat. Fatback)
    6. Kiss My Tail (feat. Kobra Abysmal) prod. by XL Middleton
    7. Lookin At Me (feat. Moeses Soulright)
    8. I’m Not Wit It (feat. XL Middleton)
    9. Gangsta
    10. Independent Rapper (feat. Lee Majors)
    11. Coochie (feat. Prohoezak, Husalah, Tilt)
    12. We Gone Gurp (feat. Kobra Abysmal, Dot Goodie)
    13. Over Here (feat. Roddy Bo)
    14. Johnny Gill (feat. Tilt)
    15. Take You Home (feat. Kobra Abysmal)
    16. I Don’t Need It
    17. Banger (feat. Roddy Bo, Young Moe)
    18. Cold In The Winter (feat. Mac & AK, Moeses Soulright)

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Savage C is The Garbage Pail Kid

    1 The Garbage Pail Kid
    2 Robert Downey
    3 Higher Than I've Ever Been (aka Ricky Ricardo)
    4 Jerry Maguire
    5 Jack Burton (aka Chinese Fireworks) feat. K Dinero
    6 James Bond
    7 18 Grand
    8 Heath Ledger
    9 Drunk Exercise
    10 Fight Club
    11 Jim Morrison feat. Shiesty
    12 Drowning feat. Mista Cane
    13 Dumb and Dumber
    14 Fraggle Rock feat. K Dinero
    15 Stevie Wonder
    16 Orenthal James
    17 Xanax feat. K Dinero

    Savage C just released The Garbage Pail Kid, production by Ill Pill, Shiesty, Tekilla, &
    K Dinero.

    Hard copies are available by emailing Savage C here or

    purchase digitally on

    The Garbage Pail Kid on iTunes