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    Wednesday, June 30, 2010


    <a href="">Intro by Servnu151 Music/Alliance Music</a>

    Available Now

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Dj Mark 7 presents Moeses Soulright The 2nd "The Delicatessen" AVAILABLE NOW

    For the past twelve years, some of the most respected artists in the underground hip-hop world have been silently grooming a musical powerhouse from San Francisco by the name of Moeses Soulright The 2nd. Though he might sound new to you, Moeses, armed with one of rap music’s most distinctive voices has long been earning the respect of his predecessors and peers alike, A rich soulful delivery drives home poignant lyrics creating tracks that at once reach the streets as well as the ever-hard-to-please “backpack” scene., while never compromising even the slightest bit of integrity. With the long awaited release of “The Delicatessen”, his collaboration project with legendary dj ‘Mark 7’, 2010 promises to bring us a talent that is as a big as his story is. So prepare to catch up and watch, as we once again become fans of hip-hop.
    1. I Know 2:06
    2. The Gang (feat. Kotton & Skee) 2:27
    3. Rock Any Hometown 1:16
    4. Hood Shit 1:50
    5. Gone Wit the Wind 1:53
    6. Hoe Season 3:13
    7. All We Do (feat. Skee) 2:29
    8. Roots Raggae 2:07
    9. Orphans 1:56
    10. Frequencies 1:23
    11. Finger Paint 1:05
    12. All You Can (feat. Sik & K'Leone) 3:26
    13. 40oz of Ocean 2:14
    14. The Sco (feat. Family Tyz) 3:51
    15. Cupcakin (feat. Young Rebz) 2:26
    16. Cold Pimpin 3:31
    17. The Story 2:06
    18. One in the Loneliest 2:58
    19. Get Cha 2:19
    20. In My Wallet 2:09
    21. Fillmore Nights 2:21
    22. Gone 4:23
    23. Pea Coats (feat. Skee & Des Real) 3:40
    24. Mom's Song 3:50
    25. Fuck Dem 1:36
    26. Rest In Peace Rap 2:11
    Listen to snippets or purchase a copy now please Click Here or purchase on iTunes Here

    Thursday, June 17, 2010

    Thursday, June 3, 2010

    Dis Record - Sibley

    New Music Video by Sibley! Again those who are new to Sibley please read more below;

    Born and raised in Northern California, Sibley found music and
    entertainment early on and made sure she had a plan to take her
    passion to a whole new level. Sibleyʼs quest to be an artist took her
    to L.A., where she became a sought after girl in town, doing acting
    and modeling jobs in order to pay for her studio time and develop her
    skills as an artist.

    She made cameo appearances in videos for artist like Usher, and heated
    up the screen in David Bannerʼs popular Play video. The attention
    was great, but it only fueled Sibleyʼs fire. At the end of 2005,
    Sibley recorded a female answer back version of Kanye Westʼs Gold
    Digger, which made a big impact when it hit radio, and quickly became
    a mix show & request line favorite. On the back of that momentum,
    Sibley was recruited as the rapper on NeYoʼs hotly tipped R&B girl
    group , LʼCreme. She recorded hot demos, learned even more about the
    music industry but soon realized being in a girl group wasnʼt for her,
    and that it was time to focus all of her energies on being the artist
    she truly wanted to be and her solo career.

    Soon Sibley began meeting and working with top producers and writers
    to create a sound and style all her own. The infectious I Eat
    Donuts got her off to a good start, when West Coast radio took
    notice, landing her a prime time interview spot and a need for more
    request lines. In addition to demos, Sibley wanted to create videos to
    visually represent her sound, and when she met and collaborated with
    Los Angeles based director, Ryan Goble, she had a chance to do just
    that. The beautifully shot sharp and edgy videos and Sibleys strong
    performances led to multiple Youtube and Myspace hits and soon caught
    the eye of the music industry.

    Sibley started working with producers Marc Kinchen (Ne-Yo, Pitbull),
    Mars (TI) , Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown), Kadis & Sean (50
    Cent, Pussycat Dolls).

    A trip to London the summer of 2009 introduced her to outdoor music
    festivals, new sounds and new styles and she was soon recording with
    Ant Whiting (MIA), GreenMoney (Kid Sister) and up and coming new UK
    producers Labyrinth & Inflo . Tie Me Down her collaboration with
    Andre Merritt (writer of Fight For This Love & Disturbia) got a
    GreenMoney remix, and was soon getting spot plays on BBC Radio 1 and
    Galaxy and her creativity hit an all time high.

    Sibleys music was also introduced to Stella McCartney who used I Eat
    Donuts as part of the soundtrack on her Spring Summer 2010 Paris
    Catwalk show. On the back of this, she received mention in New York
    Times and The Wall Street Journal.

    By Fall 2009 Sibley had recorded several solid hits and successfully
    created a style, sound and music genre all her own. She is now
    internationally recognized as a one to watch female artist poised
    for very big things in 2010.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Core DJ, DJ EMILIOT Leaked I Need A Drank

    DJ Emiliot (Core Dj's) has leaked I Need A Drank on his website/blog and is assisting with pushing this new single to the masses. DJ Emiliot is currently based in Belgium but still pushing World Wide from his radio show called LocoShowRadio