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    Sunday, April 27, 2008

    The First Recordings

    My very first release ever was in 1993. I created a group named M.I.P (Macs In Progress) which consisted of me (ARSEN) and C.O. (C-DOGG). Our very first release was titled Strictly 4 Da Trench which was only released on tape (100 printed) and was handed around in high school only. Its amazing how someone actually took the time to convert it from tape to cd-r then ripped it for the World Wide Web. Below is the actual tracklisting and link for download! keep in mind these tracks are very bad quality but bring back some great memories!

    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-01-Intro
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-02-Raggae_Freestyle
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-03-Mr_Unknown
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-04-Mic_Check
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-05-Troubles
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-06-Always_Strapped
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-07-Arsenist
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-08-C.I.T.M.
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-09-Do_What_I_Must
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-10-Pimps_At_Play
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-11-We_Can_Drop_It
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-12-M.V.P.z
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-13-Quikidee
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-14-Check_N_It
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-15-In_Progress
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-16-151_Game
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-17-Freestyle
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-18-Gangsta_Poetry
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-19-Strictly_4_Da_Trench
    M.I.P-Strictly 4 Da Trench-20-Outro

    Strictly 4 Da Trench

    In 1994, after receiving good reviews from the first release we decided to create another album titled 151 Task , this whole album was produced by JStack from the TL's in San Francisco. This album was again only released on tape and I do not have the exact amount of how many was pressed but I do remember making tons of copies of this album and handing them out everywhere we went, ie: BART, SamTrans Bus, MUNI's, SFO Airport etc. This tape made its way to JT The Bigga Figga and SMG CEO St. Charles and actually we inked a quick deal with Solar Music Group which was the #1 Underground Rap Label in the Bay Area in those days. Again someone actually took the time to convert it from tape to cd-r then ripped it for the World Wide Web. Below is the actual tracklisting and link for download!

    Macs In Progress-151 Task-01-M.V.P.Z
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-02-Squared Away Done Deal
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-03-151 Task
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-04-Pimps At Play
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-05-Break N It Off
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-06-Catch The Doggz Style (C-DOGG Solo)
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-07-J-Stack Solo
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-08-Drips N Drops (C-DOGG Solo)
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-09-Mic On That Ass (ARSEN Solo)
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-10-Lyrical Progress
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-11-Big Shit
    Macs In Progress-151 Task-12-Outro

    151 Task

    Late 1994 we inked a quick deal with Solar Music Group and recorded numerous tracks but only 1 of the tracks (Players In The Game) was released on a SMG Compilation titled "In It Fo Tha Money". Below is the rare cover and track which was produced by Larry D! ENJOY

    Players In The Game

    M.I.P's last release as a group was "ALWAYZINPROGRESS" This was more of a compilation that consisted of M.I.P tracks along with rare Young Know, FFSC, Lil E, Louie Loc tracks. This album displayed the major networking that was taking place between these up and coming artist. Below is the link to this album along with cover.


    Monday, April 21, 2008

    1st Street Single from "STEREOLIZED"


    Mi Barrio

    Track was produced by Diablo for SERVNU151 MUSIC/TURFD OUT ENT

    Snatch the track and leave some feedback! Cover will be posted soon along with some other tracks.