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    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Review: Tired Of The Extras by DJ Luicidal

    1. Hard Act To Follow
    The sample on this one is really dope, comes in hard yet creates an errie feel to it as well. I think this track is a hard ass track, you are rapping hella aggressive sounds really good that way. I could hear this on the radio or just a straight up album cut. This track is legit front to back. I'd be down to spin it.

    2. This Time
    Right away we notice the Scarface sample. This was also used by Nas and Mobb Deep for "It's Mine" and also by Louie Loco and Yukmouth for their version of "It's Mine". Therefore the beat is a little tired. Your vocals fit nicely over the beat tho. I would have liked it if you flipped the beat a little different, then spit the same verses over it. This track would be good for a mixtape. The chorus is my favorite part, really catchy.

    3. Fast Forward
    I think you sent me this track before. Either that or the sound is very welcoming. I immediately start grooving to it. Hella smooth but still on that gangsta tip. If I were to choose a single this would be the one. But like I said before Jacka and Berner used the sample on Cold Blood. But in this situation I think it's okay cuz your shit sounds different from it.

    4. My Everything
    I would pick this song as the follow up single. This would be the one to get the girls. The beginning is hella dope with the sample droppin, i was caught a little off guard with the fast drums clickin at first, but after a while my ear got used to it. Kinda reminds me of some old school shit, but it also fits in with the elctro type sound thats popular right now. Plus the chorus is reminiscent of that Kelly Rowland and Nelly joint, the bitches LOVE that song. lol

    5. Behind The Wheel
    This track i totally remember from when you sent it to me back in the day. Like I said, overall it is a hella deep track. Very well put together and complete creatively as well as lyrically. It is way too deep for the radio but this joint should make your official album.

    6. Be Different
    This beat is very different. I was waiting for it to drop, I wasn't sure if it was a dance track or head knocker. I think your flow is hella on point on this and fast. The scratches are dope. The beat sounds uncomplete to me and kind of anti-climantic. So I wasn't feeling it that much.

    7. Problems
    This beat was hella cool, very different from the rest, I'm diggin the sample. Sounds almost arabic. I'm diggin what you sayin in it, easy to relate to. But what got me the most was the beat. Shits bangs, plus a nice chorus. I wouldn't say this would be a single, but definietely a track that will catch and keep the listeners attention on the album.

    Overall I think its a good EP man, if this is a preview of whats to come from your full length LP, then you on the right path. As for radio play, I would pick Fast Forward or My Everything.

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    Holding It Down For The 10x65

    Its been a minute since ive posted but believe its been busy not only with the promo for Tired of The Extras but also networking with others. i will be posting some reviews of Tired Of The Extras (TOTE) as well as providing some sneak previews of new material ive been working on featuring The Jacka, Luni Coleone, Shiesty and others!